naomi kooker

Here are a few of my favorite Web sites: 


Esquire’s first-class, unfettered restaurant critic and columnist John Mariani publishes his own online newsletter – Virtual Gourmet, which is chock full of new restaurant openings, appetizing prose and travel bites. I'm honored to be a contributing writer.


If you’re a frustrated foodie mom or dad, Betsy Block’s “Dinner Diaries” is an awesome book about navigating the wholesome food scene so you can feed your family with sanity.


Filmmaker, foodie, producer, and singer-songwriter (check out his CD "Kitchen Music") Roberto Mighty knows how to cook AND pluck out “Lush Life” by Billy Strayhorn on his Spanish guitar at the same time. He and his partner, Kathryn Howell, play live music gigs--they are an incredible duo--in and around Greater Boston and beyond. I encourage you to go listen.




My cousin and longtime, award-winning photojournalist Kent Miller has gutsy passion for the craft--and it shows in the photos he takes. 

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